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    With every year it's a new team
    A new family but ever strong roots..
    A pride within itself,
    An ever fascinating stage of talents here at KSIT!
    With all the excitement and thrill we bring to you the logo for Ananya'19 titled a play by you!
    An event for and by you!

    Ananya 2019 is set up with a theme "MEDIA". All the events are designed and executed based on how MEDIA took its inception and entire journey of MEDIA's life till date.

    You can get updates and happenings of entire ANANYA 2019 and can buy event tickets on our students made facebook page.

    Click here to get details ANANYA

  • Alumni Members

    Designation Name Email Id Mobile No
    DIRECTOR PRINCIPAL principal.ksit@gmail.com 9663778001
    PRESIDENT ANIL KUMAR anilkumar.ani789@gmail.com 8197475168
    VICE-PRESIDENT CHAITANYA C cchaitanya3@gmail.com 9663592998
    VICE-PRESIDENT ASHWIK PRABHU ashwik.prabhu@gmail.com 7259164891
    INTERNAL SECRETARY SWATHI K k.swathi980@gmail.com 9742569970
    EXTERNAL SECRETARY G NITIN nithin369ruls@gmail.com 8147707717
    TREASURER SUBRAMANYA K S Subrahmanyaks.91@gmail.com 9886345054

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